Ville Marie To Ban Pit Bulls and Pit Bull crossbreeds

Pit bulls and pit-bull crossbreeds are to be banned from Montreal's downtown and pet-owners limited to two dogs at a time in public spaces, Jean-Yves Duthel, a spokesperson for the Ville Marie borough, said Monday.
The proposed bylaw changes could be approved by borough council as soon as April or May, he added - and take effect well in advance of the peak summer dog season.
"Professional dog-walkers" would be exempted from the two-pooch limit, Duthel added, as part of a package of changes that could be presented to the borough council as early as March 4.
Under borough rules, these could not be adopted until the following meeting, in early April.
Duthel said he could not disclose the proposed wording, because enforcability and clarity are still being examined by legal counsel.
The number of documented dog-bites of humans in the borough jumped to 19 last year from five in 2006, Duthel said.
In each case, he added, the dog's owner was ticketed by police But an unknown number of other dogbites never show up in statistics because they are not reported to police, and thus are not ticketed, Duthel added.
"Incidents are multiplying," he said: More than 200 complaints specifically regarding ill-behaviour by dogs - or
an absence of pet control shown by their owners - were called in to the access Ville Marie phone service from last April, when the borough created such a category of statistics, through to October, Duthel said.
Muzzles would also be made obligatory for ill-behaved dogs, Duthel said, adding that the exact wording of such a provision is also under scrutiny by borough lawyers.
The same proviso applies to a proposed new power over pets to be provided to police - the explicit authority to shoot dogs who are not rabid "on the spot" if they show other serious misbehavior that Duthel said he could not immediately specify.
Some homeless people, often young, camp with considerably more than two dogs in downtown public spaces such as parks and streets during the summer.
Duthel said these bylaw changes are not aimed exclusively against the homeless or their dogs.
For one thing, he said, many homeless have breeds of dogs other than pit bulls or pit-bull crossbreeds.
Municipal bylaws governing pets and pet-owners were last revised about half a century ago, Duthel said.
Jan Ravensbergen, The GazettePublished: Monday, February 11
What Can Be Done?
On March 4th 2008, the city hall of Montreal is having a day where the public can come and express their opinions. You have to pre-register to be able to speak, in a clear and polite manner. All Pit Bull owners can take the opportunity to come and express support for the breed.
Good luck everyone!!!


  1. Me and my sister saw your book online and we have been trying to get it, because we have two Pitbull mixes of our own and they are very bad in behaving. so if you could please message me at or her at Thank you very much!

  2. i want a pitbull dog because they are nice loojking dog and we just have to train them to be better dogs

  3. The pitbull are the best dogs i have liked.. my friends has a pitbull n to tell u the truth, i dont get how ppl say tat they r evil dogs.. so hope tat these dogs dont get banned..

  4. I have a pit bull mix. She is the best dog I have ever had. She is so good with the children. Our childrens ages range from 4 to 15. She is so well behaved and mild. Its all in training. You can tell all she wants to do is make us happy.

  5. I have a pure bred pitbull. She is the most loving and loyal animal I've ever had the blessing to know. Most of the pitbulls I've had the chance to meet are the same way. BAN THE DEED NOT THE BREED!

  6. these dogs are have just bad owners and can't sell pit bulls to everyone,owners has to be careful and with experience in training and socialized dogs in good way.example:try to learn puppies when they see another dogs that means long walk and free playing(you can meet another friends with dog,try to do that every time with another dog)that would be reward to your dog and he will understand that very soon,you should punish any aggressive behavior.try to create unexpected situation what could be wake up any aggressive behavior and punish that.and the most important-YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET YOUR DOG IS PIT BULL TERRIER SAME FOR STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS or dogo argentino,mastiff's nothing wrong with those dogs or any another dogs IT'S ALLWAYS OWNERS more thing i have american pit bull and american staffordshire and i can't see the differences between this dogs,i am talking about temperament. NEVER BUT NEVER DON'T ALOWE AND TRAIN YOUR DOG TO BITE BECAUSE YOU LEARN HIM TO BE AGRESSIVE


  7. bad example :

    dog trained to bite and not realest


    1. First maybe you should be educated enough to realize that those ppl posting videos up on you tube are doing it for attention, hence, maybe this is the image that they want. This is a perfect example of a bad pitbull owner that is TRAINING his dog to bit things. Pitbulls, just like any other dog needs to be trained.

  8. pitbulls are the best dogs i've ever had they are so kind i have two and they are the biggest babes it the world i lone them so much and id never hurt them i treat them great

  9. Are you kidding me? You guys are morons.. Do you even know why the breed was created? It was created to be a fighter dog and thats what it does.. it fights and wants to kill.

    ANyone who trusts their childeren with pitbulls are morons, anyone wanting a killer dog as a pet is a moron.

  10. no, you are moron and anyway what you are doing on this page?????

  11. "Anonymous said...
    Are you kidding me? You guys are morons.. Do you even know why the breed was created? It was created to be a fighter dog and thats what it does.. it fights and wants to kill.

    ANyone who trusts their childeren with pitbulls are morons, anyone wanting a killer dog as a pet is a moron."

    March 18, 2009 8:29 PM

    In FACT, the American Pit Bull Terrier was NOT bread to fight. In the 19th century the French, British, and Irish crossed bulldogs and terriers to make the APBT. They were trying to breed a dog with the athleticism and strength of a bulldog and the gamesness of a terrier. They were used by farmers and ranchers as catch dogs for wild cattle and hogs, as hunting dogs, to drive livestock. And yes, as FAMILY COMPANIONS.

    Get your facts straight you ignorant moron.

  12. for the anonymous commentator who wrote in on March 18th 2009: you watch too much TV. I have a red nose and a blue nose pit bull and they are the most obedient, loving dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
    In fact, I had 2 different "toy dogs" bite me twice: once a pomeranian and most recently a poodle.
    It has nothing to do with the type of breed. Agression and bad dog behavior falls on the owner's shoulders. In fact, ask any dog expert and he or she will tell you that pitbulls are the most responsive to training and very loyal. If you train your dog to be agressive and fear any moving object, then yes, it wil attack almost anything, just like that pomeranian who almost took out my left thumb.

  13. i think that it is messed up that people are accusing pit bulls of being vicious animals they are good dog's i have owned plenty of pitbulls and NOT ONE of them have became vicious or mean... Protective..yes.. but not aggressive..My Red nosed pit Angel was my 11 mo. old baby cousins best friend! she never touched her in any kind of harmful way!
    i am completely against the discrimination thing against pitbulls. The people that feel the need to hate on pitbulls.. i don't doubt that you have had a bad experience or sumthing but it isn't the breed it is the owner and how they and other people treat the dog.. if you anbd other people treat a animal with respect the animal with love and treat you the same. love your animals as though they were a part of you and they will be there and protect you till they day they die.

  14. Thank you for this post. No doubt Pitt bull is worth its respect but the sad thing its being domesticated making it a slave, it is worth of an honor if we leave it to its habitual environment as the Lion has its name titled as King of the jungle. Yes is an obedient good dog to only to its master, coming to dog fights in its natural environments dogs fight for its territory and unlike those humans that make dogs fight they have their strict self discipline and they never go out of way.
    Caesar Dinesh.

  15. we shouldnt outlaw the dog but the dumb owner who doesnt understand the heart these dogs have and these breeds are not for everyone if you have never had a dog before,and looking to get a pitbull please do some reaserch on how to train your dog.these are very special dogs that only do what you train them to do.i have 2 awesome pitbulls piggy and dirty.piggy is a female and dirty is her son.i thank god every day for these dogs there like my children.the best dogs i have ever had.

  16. ii absolutley love these dogs they r the most softest loving dog i have ever come across.. an as 4 people sayin they are evil fighting dogs is a load of rubbish. They learn what u teach them just like a child.. there is a lot bigger an stronger breeds than the pitt for instance rottys, mastives, great danes the list is endless so why are people so quick to pick on the pitt??

  17. I help out at an animal shelter during some of my free time, i work mainly with pit bulls and i have fostered many. The dogs are amazing so sweet even through what they have been through, which is mainly dog fighting, abuse or street life. I fostered a pit bull for a couple months her name was Sadie, she was around 70-85 pounds and was only one. She fit great in my house, and i have another dog,3 cats and when i had Sadie i was also fostering a little orange kitten which she decided to become the mother of. Pit bulls are loyal and sweet.

  18. I have been around pits all my life growing people are just assholes because you blaming the dogs and not the owners. it not always the dogs fault. pits are good dogs just got to give them a chance and watch who their owners are.

  19. I have a pitbull and people think she is the most precious dog on earth it is not the breed that makes the dogs mean it is the owners of the dogs.

  20. I'm only 21 but i have foster 6 pitbulls over 4 years and trained them to be loving dogs they only do what there owners teach them they are extremly cautious of ur moods and react to what you are feeling if you teach them to react to them badly they will i deeply dispise people who think pitbulls no matter what are crazy i have seen so many pittbulls almost being put down for attacking and yet managed to make them into great dogs it is the owner and it really makes me mad that people do not see that ! they are blind of there own fears i have raised 11 puppys from my dog and all of them are extremly nice and my sister has two with 3 kids from ages 2 to 6 they would never hurt them but are extremly protective but are commanded by voice PITBULLS ARE AMAZING DOGS AND THE OWNERS WHO MAKE THEM MEAN SHOULD BE THE ONES WHO ARE PUNISHED!!!!!!

  21. PITBULLS ARE GREAT DOGS! i have 2 and the both are great one was beaten so badly growing up she didnt even think before attacking but with love and a family i have made her a great down now she plays with my 1 year old neice and 3 year old nephew! and licks them and doesnt let them out of her site they get a little rouf with her sometimes but if she doesnt like it she either walks away or lays on her back and gets belly rubs its all in the owners

  22. I have an American Pitbull Terrier I adopted from the Humane Society. She's such a big baby! The biggest and best thing they did for me when I adopted her was to put down she was a hound mix on her birth record. This protects her probably more than I can. No mention of pitbull any where!

  23. I have had the good fortune to own 3 pitbulls in the last 11 yrs. My first, Allie, was a gift while I was pregnant with my daughter and she was just a puppy. I was very hesitant at first but immediately fell in love!! She was the most intelligent, loving and caring animal I have ever owned. She grew as my daughter did and was most protective of her!!! After I lost Allie I bought a female whelped from Allies littermate and still own her to this day as well as a pup she had. I will NEVER own another breed of dog as long as I live. I am a convert...They are very unique and special animals, there is truly something special about them...I have owned exceptionally smart dogs before but a pitbull is different, they are intelligent as well but there is more to them, they are very expressive in their emotions and their love. All of mine have been and are still like family...and they expect to be treated that way...My mother has suffered from several strokes and my oldest pitbull is so gentle w/ her. They are truly an amazing breed. They have most definately changed my life for the better!!!And if given a fair chance would most definately change alot of other peoples lives!! People need to take a step back and take a good look at the truth of the matter ; most people that are hating pitbulls have never even been around one personally and are basing their ideas on hearsay! Grow up folks and don't believe everything you hear, try experiencing it for yourselves and making informed decisions!!!
    Lee Ann from Arkansas

  24. i dont understand how people say pitbulls are mean. i own two with a 6 month old child and they are so gentle and protective over him. theyre smart and caring to there owners and everyone else if they are trained right. in the past there was a pitbull who has save soldiers in war and has a purple heart for it. you love our soldiers so much but you hate pitbulls and there was one who saved a life of your beloved soldiers.

  25. i love pitbulls, everyone i know hate them but all i see is that they are loving caring beautiful dogs. any dog will attack someone if that person did something to the dog. how can people fight these poor animals? people are blaming pitbulls because they don't want their dogs breed to be titled as the biting breed so they highlighted the pitbull attacks to keep attention away from dogs that people think are nice, caring dogs.

  26. It's never been about dogs, it's always about people. Unfortunately in a city like Montreal, in the province of Quebec, where animal ownership and animal husbandry are light years behind the rest of Canada, how else can a city control the situation? It's bad breeders who readily sell to inexperienced owners, and it's irresponsible owners who have access to items that they should not.

    I am totally against bans, but every day I see young men walking these dogs for all the wrong reasons, and that is not going to change anytime soon, so, a ban is a way to at least keep things in control, until of course these same idiots switch over to, "some other breed", of accessible dog that meets with their poorly formed egos.

    Dog owners should be made to take obedience lessons with their dogs and should be made to take courses on responsible dog ownership.

    Maybe, if we had done that years ago, we wouldn't be living in a city where dogs are banned from parks and virtually all other public places. It's about People! not dogs!


Thank you for your interest, support the American Pit Bull Terriers!