Pit Bull is #2 ranked dog in the world!!! UKC

UKC, one of the original pure breed dog registries has ranked American Pit Bull Terriers as #2 overall dog in the world. This amazing breed gets their recognition in the dog world but not always in the press....
Here is a link to the UKC website:


  1. i like your dog his very talented, hope my dog could be like that also.. can you give me some tips? thanks.. my email.add is omar_bataluna_jr@yahoo.com...

  2. Love the picture, my pit is an obedience dog and I sure get looks at trials! It's nice to see one with a fun "job" in action instead of clipped ears wearing a spiked collar so the owner feels tough, oh wait...

  3. It's really good to see more and more American Pit Bull Terrier owners being more active with their dogs. People tend to forget this is a high drive working breed and they really do thrive when having a job or sport to participate in :) my APBT is currently competing in Splash Dogs, which is dock diving events. It's a lot of fun and the dogs really do enjoy it :) our last jump he finished second in his division and only needs a few more points to earn his title :)


Thank you for your interest, support the American Pit Bull Terriers!