Fight The Pit Bull Ban in Montreal

What Can Be Done?
On March 4th 2008, the city hall of Montreal is having a day where the public can come and express their opinions. You have to pre-register to be able to speak, in a clear and polite manner. All Pit Bull owners can take the opportunity to come and express support for the breed.
Hope To See You There!!!


  1. whats wrong with pitbulls they can be trained to be anything a hunting dog a protector dog its people that make them the way they are and to ban them is blaming them for something the people have done

    1. you have a great point

  2. I agree, the dogs are innocent...It's always the owners fault for improperly training the dog or not training him to begin wit.
    Pits are one of the easiest breeds to work with...Cheers!

  3. Hi,

    I found your site because I am trying to locate more responsible pitbull owners. We have created a facebook page called Montreal Responsible Pitbull owners in response to the recent talk "AGAIN" of a pitbull ban. If you are interested please join the site, it would also be good as you already have alot of information on your blog which would be of interest to others. Thanks for your time and your love of the breed.

    P.S. The council meeting in NDG is on August 16th we plan to be there.

  4. I can say I never had a bad experience with a Pit Bull ever in my life. My cousin use to have one named Candy, one day she came to visit us and she bit our dog, a small Chihuahua named Orion, but once he yelped she let go and back away with her head down as a way of saying sorry. Candy was such a sweet heart and when she saw me she didn’t think “A child must attack and rip her to pieces!”, she saw me and thought “Yay! A kid to lay with and she little! Lemme lick your face and hands!” I plan on owning Pit Bulls someday once I get my two currant dogs(Two Miniature Pinchers named Tsunami and Hannibal, Hannibal being named after General Hannibal, who are both crazy but loving and playful and happen to love Pit Bulls). Like the saying goes “Punish The Deed Not The Breed”, all dogs bite not just Pit Bulls and all dogs can be subjected to the BSL. In Italy Newfoundlands are banned along with Corgis and Border Collies, that proves that any dog can be messed up because of a bad owner.

  5. Hello,

    I am moving to montreal at the end of this month (april 2011) with my 7 year old pitbull because the ontario government has made the decision to have her put down and moving out of province is now my only chance for keeping her from being put down over something less than a little nip that happened in my own home. What I was wondering was if there is any ban on the pitbull breed in montreal, downtown specifically? I've been trying to do a google search but I just keep finding forums from 2008 where they talk of a possible ban. Has the ban been put into effect? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  6. fuck all u motherfuckers tryna banned pitbulls. its how u raise the fuckin dog. u train it to fight itll fight train it to b nice thats wat itll be assholes. any dog can be a fighting dog but most ppl chose pits. so fuck off and eat a dick!!!

  7. Great words that is the kind of person giving pitbulls a bad name

  8. the dogs are to innocent! pit bulls are so cute and most are friendly. it is simply how one treats a pit bull. if you treat it with love and care then it will give you love and care back. but if you are mean and always angry at the dog then it will be mean and angry to you and it can do more damage to you than you can to it. you can train a dog to be nice and sweet or you can train it to be mean and bad to everyone you know! it your choice on how you treat a dog so choose wisely on how you treat it please!


Thank you for your interest, support the American Pit Bull Terriers!