Zion and Family - Our new Pit Bull Puppy

Zion and Dame and Sire
" Grizzly " Sire of Zion

" Baby D " - Dame of Zion


" Grizzly" side profile


Zion @ 10 weeks

American Pit Bull Terrier - blue nose

Zion @ 12 weeks

Zion @ 12 weeks

Zion @ 12 weeks - baby blue eyes

Zion talking - 12 weeks


  1. Thats not a american pit bull terrier!!! American bully do they call this freak dogs now!

  2. Um yea I don't want to sound rude or anything cause I think your pup is super cute but the above poster was right when he said he is not an American Pit Bull Terrier. He is an American Bully. Did your pup come with registry papers? If so I'm guessing they're UCK papers correct? The reason the papers will say APBT is because the UKC doesn't recognize the American Bully or the American Staffordshire terrier as their own breeds, which they are and have been for many many years now. So when these dogs get registered they put APBT on the papers, even though they may be AmStaff or Bullies. So this is why you will see a few different looking dogs all called APBT. They are actually different breeds but the registries make it a little confusing if you don't know what to look for. Also if you'd like the pup properly registered you can send in his UKC papers to the ABKC and they will send you proper registration papers with the proper breed name :) then you will also be able to participate in any bully event you wish :)


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