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Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones
Dogs left to fend for themselves in a natural world have no difficulty identifying what’s good to eat. Their diet includes anything that creeps, crawls, wriggles, runs, swims and flies. I applaud you if you can find whole carcasses of other animals as food for your pet. However, in our modern world we need to look for alternatives. And in this regard a raw meaty bones and table scrap diet works wonders. As with any new venture the better informed we are the easier the task. Also, when well informed, fears tend to fade into insignificance. FEAR, by the way, is an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. Fortunately, dogs seldom share our fears and wolf down the first raw meaty bone they are offered. Circumstances vary and dogs come in different ages and sizes. However, some generalizations apply. Quality The closer you follow the natural ideal the better. Feed whole carcasses whenever you can and otherwise base your feeding regime on raw meaty bones in large pieces from a variety of animals. However, wolves frequently depend on meat from a single prey species, for instance deer, and there are lots of pet dogs that eat chicken at every meal. Quantity Aim for 50% or more of the diet as raw meaty bones. Thereafter, the remaining percentage can be made up of good quality natural dog food. Nature, thankfully, is tolerant and allows a range of options that provide for good health. Daily food intake varies. As a percentage of body weight, giant breeds tend to need less and small breeds need more food. Working dogs, breeding and lactating females and growing puppies need more food than do less active dogs. As a guide, healthy adult dogs usually require between 2% and 3% of their body weight in food daily. Over the course of a week, in round figures, that amounts to 15% to 20% of body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 10 kilos he will likely need between 1.5 and 2 kilos of raw meaty bones each week. If you measure in pounds weight then the sums are the same. Perhaps your dog weighs 20 pounds. Then you can expect to feed her between 3 and 4 pounds of food each week. A good rule of thumb, when feeding growing puppies, is to allow them daily food rations equivalent to 2%–3% of their expected body weight when fully grown. Frequency Wild dogs have no regular meal times and are used to gorging when food is available. Sometimes they go days between meals. In a domestic setting once-a-day feeding works best for most pets and their owners. It’s a good idea to feed your dog when you are at home to watch over and see your dog enjoy his meal — which for many people is in the evening. Always strive to feed the raw meaty bones in one large lump. This maximizes the time spent gnawing and chewing which is good for dental cleaning. It also minimizes the chances of a small piece being swallowed whole and getting stuck. Healthy dogs benefit from one or two days fasting each week. Research shows that slim dogs (and people) tend to be healthier and live longer. Sick and elderly dogs and growing puppies should not be fasted. Getting startedwhen getting started, keep it simple. Over time it’s a good plan to feed raw meaty bones and offal from a range of animals. But in the first couple of weeks stick with one source.
What other preparation is needed? You may need a bowl in which to feed table scraps. For the main food items — the large lumps of raw meaty bones and offal — simply hand them to your dog. That’s easy if you have a grassy lawn where she can dine in comfort. If your dog needs to eat indoors then feed her in the kitchen, laundry or even in the shower cubicle. By spreading some newspaper, a towel or mat you make cleanup easier. Take care and have fun Raw meaty bones act as nature’s toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss combined. Many dogs affected by bad breath and sore gums gain a return to good oral health after a couple of weeks on a natural diet. However, dogs suffering more severe dental problems may need dental treatment before commencing a natural diet. Dogs ‘like’ bones very much and sometimes become protective. Do take care and discourage young children from approaching dogs that are eating. Your professional dog trainer can advise. The first time you hand your dog a raw meaty bone can be as momentous or as mundane as you choose to make it. But it will be the start of a whole new way of life for you and your pet. So, having a camera handy could be useful, as could keep a diary. In years to come you will be able to share evidence of your pioneering efforts with your grandchildren as you look back with pride.

Diet guide for domestic dogs and cats
Dingoes and feral cats keep themselves healthy by eating whole carcasses of prey animals. Ideally we should feed our pets in the same manner. Until a dependable source of whole carcasses becomes available, pet owners need a satisfactory alternative. The following recommendations, based on raw meaty bones, have been adopted by thousands of pet owners with excellent results.
The diet is easy to follow and cheap, and pets enjoy it.
• Fresh water constantly available.
• Raw meaty bones (or carcasses if available) should form the bulk of the diet.
• Table scraps both cooked and raw (grate or liquidize vegetables, discard cooked bones).

Puppies and kittens
From about three weeks of age puppies and kittens start to take an interest in what their mother is eating. By six weeks of age they can eat chicken carcasses, rabbits and fish.
During the brief interval between three and six weeks of age it is advisable to provide minced chicken, chicken carcasses or similar for young animals (as well as access to larger pieces that encourage ripping and tearing). This is akin to the part-digested food regurgitated by wild carnivore mothers. Large litters will need more supplementary feeding than small litters. (The meat and bone should be minced together. Meat off the bone can be fed, but only for a short time, until the young animals can eat meat and bone together — usually about six weeks of age.)
Between four and six months of age puppies and kittens cut their permanent teeth and grow rapidly. At this time they need a plentiful supply of carcasses or raw meaty bones of suitable size.
Puppies and kittens tend not to over eat natural food. Food can be continuously available.

Natural foods suitable for pet carnivores Raw meaty bones
• Chicken and turkey carcasses, after the meat has been removed for human consumption, are suitable for dogs and cats.
• Poultry by-products include: heads, feet, necks and wings.
• Whole fish and fish heads.
• Goat, sheep, calf, deer and kangaroo carcasses can be sawn into large pieces of meat and bone.
• Other by-products include: pigs’ trotters, pigs’ heads, sheep heads, brisket, tail bones, and rib bones.

Quality — Quantity — Frequency
Healthy animals living and breeding in the wild depend on the correct quality of food in the right quantity at a correct frequency. They thereby gain an appropriate nutrient intake plus the correct amount of teeth cleaning — animals, unlike humans, ‘brush’ and ‘floss’ as they eat.

Low-fat game animals and fish and birds provide the best source of food for pet carnivores. If using meat from farm animals (cattle, sheep and pigs) avoid excessive fat, or bones that are too large to be eaten.
Dogs are more likely to break their teeth when eating large knuckle bones and bones sawn lengthwise than if eating meat and bone together.
Raw food for cats should always be fresh. Dogs can consume ‘ripe’ food and will sometimes bury bones for later consumption.

Establishing the quantity to feed pets is more an art than a science. Parents, when feeding a human family, manage this task without the aid of food consumption charts. You can achieve the same good results for your pet by paying attention to activity levels, appetite and body condition.
High activity and big appetite indicate a need for increased food, and vice versa.
Body condition depends on a number of factors. The overall body shape — is it athletic or rotund — and the luster of the hair coat provides clues. Use your finger tips to assess the elasticity of the skin. Does it have an elastic feel and move readily over the muscles? Do the muscles feel well toned? And how much coverage of the ribs do you detect? This is the best place to check whether your pet is too thin or too fat. By comparing your own rib cage with that of your pet you can obtain a good idea of body condition — both you’re own and that of your pet.
An approximate food consumption guide based on raw meaty bones, for the average pet cat or dog is 15 to 20 percent of body weight in one week or 2 to 3 percent per day. On that basis a 25 kilo dog requires up to five kilos of carcasses or raw meaty bones weekly. Cats weighing five kilos require about one kilo of chicken necks, fish, rabbit or similar each week. Table scraps should be fed as an extra component of the diet. Please note that these figures are only a guide and relate to adult pets in a domestic environment.
Pregnant or lactating females and growing puppies and kittens may need much more food than adult animals of similar body weight.
Wherever possible, feed the meat and bone ration in one large piece requiring much ripping, tearing and gnawing. This makes for contented pets with clean teeth.

Wild carnivores feed at irregular intervals. In a domestic setting regularity works best and accordingly I suggest that you feed adult dogs and cats once daily. If you live in a hot climate I recommend that you feed pets in the evening to avoid attracting flies.
I suggest that on one or two days each week your dog may be fasted — just like animals in the wild.
On occasions you may run out of natural food. Don’t be tempted to buy artificial food, fast your dog and stock up with natural food the next day.
Puppies, cats, ferrets, sick or underweight dogs should not be fasted (unless on veterinary advice).

Things to avoid
•Excessive meat off the bone — not balanced.
•Excessive vegetables — not balanced.
•Small pieces of bone — can be swallowed whole and get stuck.
•Cooked bones — get stuck.
•Mineral and vitamin additives — create imbalance.
•Processed food — leads to dental and other diseases.
•Excessive starchy food — associated with bloat.
•Onions, garlic and chocolate — toxic to pets.
•Grapes,raisins,sultanas,currants—toxic to pets
•Fruit stones (pits) and corn cobs — get stuck.
•Milk — associated with diarrhea. Animals drink it whether thirsty or not and consequently get fat. Milk sludge sticks to teeth and gums.
Take care
• Old dogs and cats addicted to a processed diet may experience initial difficulty when changed on to a natural diet.
• Pets with misshapen jaws and dental disease may experience difficulties with a natural diet.
• Create variety. Any nutrients fed to excess can be harmful.
• Liver is an excellent foodstuff but should not be fed more than once weekly.
• Other offal, e.g. ox stomachs, should not exceed 50 percent of the diet.
• Whole fish are an excellent source of food for carnivores, but avoid feeding one species of fish constantly. Some species, e.g. carp, contain an enzyme which destroys thiamine (vitamin B1).
• There are no prizes for the fattest dog on the block, or for the fastest. Feed pets for a lifetime of health. Prevention is better than cure.

Miscellaneous tips
Domestic dogs and cats are carnivores. Feeding them the appropriate carnivore diet represents the single most important contribution to their welfare.
Establish early contact with a dependable supplier of foodstuffs for pet carnivores.
Buy food in bulk in order to avoid shortages.
Package the daily rations separately for ease of feeding.
Refrigerated storage space, preferably a freezer, is essential.
Raw meaty bones can be fed frozen just like ice cream. Some pets eat the frozen article; others wait for it to thaw.
Small carcasses, for example rats, mice and small birds, can be fed frozen and complete with entrails. Larger carcasses should have the entrails removed before freezing.
Take care that pets do not fight over their food.
Protect children by ensuring that they do not disturb feeding pets.
Feeding bowls are unnecessary — the food will be dragged across the floor — so feed pets outside by preference, or on an easily cleaned floor.
Ferrets are small carnivores which can be fed in the same way as cats.
For an expanded description of dietary requirements, including the potential hazards, please consult the books

IMPORTANT: Note that individual animals and circumstances may vary.
You may need to discuss your pet’s needs with your veterinarian.
This diet guide may be freely copied and circulated.

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  1. hi every body I am also a pitt owner and love my pitt cause he is all i've got as real friend.He's almost a year old,he's still a little playfull but he tries to obay every tasks,loves to go out for a walk and he loves the outdoor expeirions.

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    1. I respect your opinion but you are completely wrong. All you are doing is judging the breed. I have a one and a half year old pit bull. She is a female. Extremely loving, smart, loyal, and has a personality that I have never seen in any other dog I have owned.. I was raised on a farm and had around 16 dogs at one point. The owners you see who are "often young and aggressive" probably arent what you think they are. I have seen people of all ages that own pit bulls its just a matter of if they are good owners or not. The only pit bulls that are "attack dogs" are the ones who are raised that way.. I have never heard of a pit bull to be a guard dog due to the fact that pit bulls have been raised to be great with humans. Yes, there are an unbelievable amount of stories about pit bulls being fighting dogs but that is because there are so many ignorant pieces of shit who have no souls and choose to use dogs such as pitbulls, rotts, etc for profit. They are scum bags (the humans, not the breed). Like I said before, I respect your opinion but you must do your research before you post on a web site that supports the breed a 100%. I personally am VERY offended. I am a 21 year old female who loves this breed for what they TRULY are and not for what the media has made them to be. I have done a lot of research about this breed due to the fact that I really wanted to know what I was getting myself into before I decided to own a Pit... If you are open to knowledge then I suggest you do some research on the real truth about American Pit Bull Terriers, and other dog breeds which the media does not exploit. There is absolutely no reason for someone who has not owned a Pittie to judge the breed. Educate yourself before you start discriminating.

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  4. sorry not to be rude but its not the dog its how they've been brought up if the owner hits the dog full on with his or her fist then the dog gets aggressive towards him or her and others around plus if the dog is brought up around other dogs that attack then it wil become the same but like i said not the dogs fault

  5. dogs do what they are told

  6. I'm not at all for the idea of feeding a domestic dog raw meat. They are not the same as a wild canine, and don't have the same immune systems.

    As for George, you are a moron and a jackass, and you really should learn the facts before making yourself look like such an ass. Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than Poodles if raised properly. I've owned a Pit. Sweetest dog in the world. She never hurt kids, cats, or other dogs. As for your comment about children "teasing" a dog, if they are smacking or being mean to a dog of ANY breed, they deserve to be bit, and a dog shouldn't be punished for defending itself any more than a person should be. Teach children not to harass dogs and maybe they wouldn't get bit the way they do.

    Lastly, most "pit bull" attacks don't actually involve pit bulls, but similar looking breeds that get lumped into the general "Pit Bull" name whenever something bad happens. There are several other breeds of terrier with similar builds to a Pit Bull Terrier, and they are just as likely to be abused by an asshole as actual Pit Bulls.

  7. Dogs are great. That's why they're given the title of man's best friend. But we have to be realistic when affirming that we have the dog under complete control. Ultimately, they are animals with, like another comment mentions, a mind of their own. I had a dog also, could say the best in the world. But there were times he would react in a scary way to certain things. My point is that we may love our animals to death but we will never completely know them. In regards to the banning of pit bulls, that is not the solution. What are you going to do with them? Kill all of them? Keep them chained until they die? The responsibility falls on the owner who must be conscious of the history of their pets and exercise appropriate caution in all they do for their own good and of people around them.

  8. George: It is people like you who have no understanding whatsoever! I get extremely upset with people like you because just like the rest of the masses of the world; you believe all that you hear and not do your own research. I have been around some beautiful APBT and even seen some very scary ones and in each other I also seen the people who raise them. The beautiful ones have owners/masters that care and respect the breed very much with an admiration for all the dog possess and the ugly means ones have owners who are drug dealers, in and out of prison and just no understanding for the dog at all. I know a street in my old neighborhood where if you walk down at a certain time, you can be promised to be chased by a vicious chihuahua! (true story!) It just goes to show that it isnt the dog's fault it is the person who train them. A properly trained APBT can be one of the most best breeds ever in man's history!! I can not stand those who are judgemental, and assumptious with things they have no idea or desire about. Please dont come on sites like thes and spread negativity toward this breed that you have no understanding of, just stay in your scary little world that you live in or play with your goldfish...people like you give a beautiful dog a bad name just as bad as people who do not properly raise them. You are really on this site because deep inside you admire the breed but sense you are an idiot, and dont have the masculinity to own one you keep the dog down with your nonsense please do everyone a favor and just shut up and mind your business.

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